Today, we live in a world largely defined by technology. Technology which affects each and every one of us, directly or indirectly. And we know that those who will thrive in the future are those who know the possibilities this new frontier holds, and who have the knowledge required to exploit it. This is the foundation we actively seek to provide your child, to enable them excel in whatever endeavours they may pursue.

In the spirit of technological advancement, we are pleased to inform you that King Solomon International Schools has gone digital. We have a fully-functional online portal which is available for your use, and soon-to-be-released android application. With the portal comes our new fee payment procedure which allows you to pay your child’s fees from the comfort of your home or office. To pay fees:

1. Type in the search bar of a browser (e.g Chrome) on your computer or mobile device and press “Enter”, or click here.
2. Enter your child’s admission number in the “Enter Username” field. You can find the admission number on any recently-issued school result sheet. You can also request this information from the school’s ICT centre.
3. Click on the “Next” button.
4. When prompted for a password, enter the password provided by the school. In the unlikely event that you did not receive this information from the school, please visit the ICT centre for a new password.
5. Click on “Login”.
6. Once logged in, on the sidebar, click on “Payments”, then click on “Make payments”. (On mobile devices, first click on the three dashes at the top right hand part of the screen to see the sidebar).
7. Click on “Choose fee type” and select “School fees”.
8. Click on “Choose session” and select the appropriate academic session. The current academic session is 2019/2020.
9. Click on “Choose term” and select the appropriate term.
10. Wait a moment for the fee amount to be retrieved and displayed.
11. If making part payment, feel free to change the amount displayed to the amount you wish to pay.
12. Click on “Pay Now”.
13. While waiting for the payments screen to load, please fetch your ATM card.
14. In the field labelled “Card Number”, enter the 16-digit number on the front of the card. (It is usually written in blocks of four, like so: 1234 5678 9876 5432 ).
15. In the field marked “Expiry Date”, enter the expiry date on the front of the card. (It is usually written like so: 06/19 ).
16. In the field marked CVV, type the 3 digit number on the back on your card. For ATM cards where there are more than 3 digits, the CVV is the last 3 digits to the right hand side.
17. Click on the “Pay” button below the form.
18. When prompted for a pin, enter your 4-digit card pin.
19. If you have not set up your ATM card for online payments, you will be prompted to enter the phone number linked to your bank account. (This is usually the phone number on which you receive bank alerts, or the phone number you used for BVN registration).
20. A verification (OTP) code will be sent to the phone number linked to the bank account you are paying from as an SMS.
21. Enter the code in the field provided.
20. Click on “Authorize”.
22. On successful payment, you will be able to print a receipt from the portal. You can either print this receipt or copy out the transaction reference of the payment you just made.
23. At your convenience, take the receipt or reference to the Accounts office in the school to exchange for an official school receipt.
24. If you are unable to successfully follow these instructions, please see the school portal administrator at the school’s ICT centre with your ATM card to make the payment.

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