The Give Back Scheme (GBS)

In view of the 2030 alma mater development target, GBS is a service scheme of the alumni, targeted at providing various kinds of assistance to the school. It covers projects, volunteer programmes among others. The scheme is aimed at contributing to the development of the school. You can make a gift to the school here.

Teacher Assistance Programme (TAP)

The Teacher Assistance Programme is a sub package of GBS, directly concerned with volunteer teaching service by the alumni members. As it implies, its objective is focused on assisting the teachers in their bid to impart knowledge to the students. So far, there have been two editions of the volunteer programme, vis: TAP 1.0 & 2.0. TAP 3.0 comes up by June 2019.

Facility Support Scheme (FSS)

Through FSS, the alumni seek to partner the school in infrastructure development, mainly regarding key facilities to help maximize student productivity index.

The Library project

The library project is a medium term plan to equip the school library with relevant resources to aid research and class work. This is to be done through book and financial donations, plus other relevant donations. Find out more about the school library.

Students Mentorship Scheme

This scheme is created to give a platform for members to directly impart and groom the students on various areas of academic and personal development, not excluding career choice.

Membership welfare

As in part of the objectives of the association, welfare of members is paramount. This includes among others, job security, assistance of various forms and any other effort to ensure well-being of the members.