In 2011, a group of former students of King Solomon Secondary School, mostly from the class of 2008, gathered to form a small association of King Solomon ex-students, basically to maintain connection with former school mates. In 2012, the group began to expand, having more ex-students show interest in joining. Later that year, they wrote to the school and got approval to officially form an alumni association in the name of the school.
In February 2017, the association held its first major annual event, THE ALUMNI WEEK, with series of activities, climaxed in the reunion banquet and inauguration of the first leadership.
So far, the King Solomon Alumni Association has achieved commendable feats in the school, enjoying cordial relationship with the management and students. By 2030, the association seeks to be a leading school alumni in Akwa Ibom State, with highest stake in alma mater development.


We are proud products of King Solomon International Schools, molded with the best educational, moral and ethical up-bringing. Our King Solomon background has helped us in leadership development, personal pursuit and social relevance. Coming together creates a bond of comradeship, responsibility and service among us, for the good of our alma mater and humanity as a whole. King Solomon is a brand and we are the products.

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