Welcome Note

As the admission officer of King Solomon International Schools, my belief is that in order for your children to be successful as International Students, they need to be cared for as if they were at home with you. All our staff share this belief.

The need for students to learn in an environment where they are well supported is the chief concern that thousands of parents have had over the years.

We offer a study environment where the academic program, the staff, and the facilities are fully integrated as one; all geared towards helping students achieve success and give parents peace of mind.

We can fulfill your dreams of qualitative education you can count on for your child. Welcome and feel safe. Thank you for choosing King Solomon International Schools.

Admission Officer,
Etim, NdifrekeAbasi D.

New Students

Admission into King Solomon Secondary School begins with the sale of admission forms which is a constant exercise in the school’s Admission Office while the entrance examinations take place in batches monthly pending the beginning of a new school year.

The procedure for admission is as follows:

  • Purchase of entrance examination form or admission form at the school’s admission office.
  • Sitting for and passing entrance examination/passing the entrance interview.
  • Acceptance of offer of admission and payment of recommended fees.
  • Fulfilling other admission protocol as specified by the school management.

Please note that if the admission form is downloaded from the website and printed, payment will be made to the admission office when the filled form is submitted to the school.

Transfer Students/Pupils

All transfer pupils and students must fulfill all the entry requirements and in addition bring the following:

  1. A transfer certificate from their former (last) school.
  2. A letter from the Head of the former school stating the child’s good conduct.
  3. The result of their last promotion examination.
  4. A letter of undertaking from the parents/guardians promising that their ward will be of good conduct.

Financial Aid

This school strives to provide quality education at an affordable cost. Still she ensures that excellence and diligent effort is rewarded. Consequently there are scholarship schemes for our indigent pupils/student, for the children of the staff, for our exceptional pupils/students and for one out of five biological children of a parent in the school. 

The scholarship may be in the area of tuition fee, levies, recommended textbooks and other school materials needed during their stay in the school

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Admission form – King Solomon Secondary School

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