Boarding House

With a boarding experience like no other, we offer a state-of-the-art male/female boarding facility that serves as a second home to parents who wish to give their children a boarding experience – a chance to learn independence at an early age.

Boys’ Hostel – Interior view

Science Laboratory

Our school boasts a fully-equipped, advanced science laboratory for the intellectual stimulation of our budding scientists. With practical experiments carried out in tandem with the theory taught in class, your child gets the best of both worlds.

Students performing an experiment in the science laboratory

ICT Centre

In a rapidly advancing, with technology taking over the globe, a foundation in information technology is an absolute requirement. And this is exactly what we provide your child. With an ICT centre equipped with dozens of computers, our students are taught practical and advanced computer usage, so we know they can hold their own in ICT anywhere in the world

Art & Design Studio

Every child is born with an inner-artist – you see it in their scribbles and the occasional absent-minded doodling in class with the far-away look in their eyes (Hey, put that away!). Well, no, not really. Don’t put that away. You see, at KSIS, we understand that this inner artist needs to be encouraged, not suppressed. So, we have made provision for this need with an art & design studio and loads of time for our students to use it.

Our kids expressing their creativity


With books on just about every subject under the sun – on subjects suitable for kids of course – we boast a library that is designed to excite and broaden a child’s imagination, and ensure that they get to learn what suits their taste, whether or not it fits in the school curriculum. Even better, we are currently working on an online e-library and e-learning system which will be accessible to the students both in school and at home.

School Bus

We offer provisional transportation to and from school for students living in the Uyo metropolis, thus making things convenient for parents with rather busy schedules. Our bus service is also used for excursions (Yay! Get packing everyone!) and transportation to events like sports meets our students are involved in.

Sick Bay

No one likes to fall sick. And no one likes to watch their child fall sick. Unfortunately, it happens, and at moments we least expect. Fortunately, we are fully prepared to handle situations like this. With a standard sick bay and professional health officials, your child is in safe hands. Plus, we’ll be sure to give you a call if your child needs advanced medical care, although we hope we’ll never have to.